Get a Loan on Your Engagement Ring

Are you in a financial bind and need cash fast?  Medical or business emergency?  Diamond Banc of Kansas City can help with your cash flow problems.  Get a loan on your engagement ring from Diamond Banc.  Engagement rings make excellent collateral for a loan, especially if the ring has diamonds.  These types of loans are called asset-based loans or collateral backed loans, and are a great alternative to traditional bank loans.  Diamond Banc of Kansas City can help you get a loan on your engagement ring in as little as 24 hours.

Why Borrow Money from Diamond Banc of Kansas City?

At Diamond Banc, we want to help you get the money you need quickly, while making the process as easy as possible.  With a jewelry equity loan, there is little risk and great lending value.  Being asset-based, your loan is secured and valued by your jewelry.  Here are several examples of engagement rings Diamond Banc has loaned against:

A client borrowed $10,000 against this 3.0ct average quality round cut diamond.

Diamond Banc loan $7,500 for this color-enhanced canary diamond ring.

Diamond & Platinum Antique Ring

A client borrowed $4,000 on this transitional early Art Deco diamond and platinum ring.


Diamond Banc Loan vs. Traditional Bank Loan

Diamond Banc Has a Unique Loan Process

Diamond Banc does not require outstanding credit, credit checks or employment verification like many traditional banks do.  Getting a loan through a bank can take weeks, and you may still be rejected for the loan.

Diamond Banc is Flexible

Diamond Banc is fair, honest and reliable.  Most importantly, customer service is number one.  Diamond Banc is unique because customers have input in their repayment schedule.  This is one thing you will not get with a traditional loan.  Once you have paid off the loan, your pledged collateral is returned to you.  Unlike payday and bank loans, a loan on your engagement ring carries a much lower risk.  So, debt can be avoided.  With traditional loans, you can get into debt if you default on the loan.  However, in the event you are unable to pay back your jewelry equity loan, you simply lose your collateral without putting yourself into debt.

If you get an asset-based loan with Diamond Banc, you won’t have to fill out any paper work.

Ready to Get a Loan on Your Engagement Ring at Diamond Banc?

Diamond Banc makes the process simple and fast.  Fill out our simple form with information about your engagement ring and desired loan amount, and we will contact you with an initial offer.  If you are interested in this offer, Diamond Banc will set up an appointment at our private office on the Country Club Plaza.  During this appointment, a jewelry expert will evaluate the item and make you a final offer.  Once loan amount and repayment details are agreed upon, Diamond Banc funds you within 24 hours.  After you repay the loan, your engagement ring—which is securely stored in our vaults—is returned to you.  You can also learn more about how easy and quick it is to borrow money in Kansas City on our How It Works page.  You can also stop by our location on the plaza or call to set up an appointment today!