Get a loan on jewelry in Ketchum, Idaho

At Diamond Banc, we stand out from the rest of the jewelry loaning and selling industry thanks to our expertise. As our company grows around the country, we’re not compromising expertise for a bigger market. Instead, we’re spreading our knowledge around the nation, including our latest Diamond Banc partner: Diamond Buyers in Ketchum, Idaho.

Through its partnership with Diamond Banc, Diamond Buyers has become Idaho’s hub for diamond deals. Need some quick cash to take advantage of a business deal, pay emergency bills or for the down payment on a house? Make your luxury watches and fine jewelry work for you by selling them to Diamond Buyers or getting an asset-based loan.

About Diamond Banc

Diamond Banc is a national lending company that provides capital, know-how and marketing materials for loans and buys to its jeweler partners all around the country. We partner primarily with small, family-owned companies that we trust to understand the value of good customer service. Diamond Buyers is Diamond Banc’s first partner in Idaho.

Jeweler Mills Menser started Diamond Banc during the 2008 financial crisis. Customers facing financial woes came to him looking for options using their fine jewelry. Diamond Banc spotted an opportunity to fill a hole in the market. As bank regulations have increased, the market for asset-based jewelry loans continues to grow. 

About Diamond Buyers

Diamond Buyers is owned and operated by Mike Menser, father of Diamond Banc founder and President Mills Menser. In 1971, Mike bought Buchroeders Jewelers in Columbia, Missouri. After establishing Buchroeders as mid-Missouri’s go-to store for high-quality diamonds, Mike sold the store to Mills in 2007 and retired to Idaho.

Mike Menser is the owner of Diamond Buyers in Ketchum, Idaho

Mike Menser, owner of Diamond Buyers

After his experience leading a store that became a central part of the Columbia community, Mike truly values his customers and wants to keep them coming back. If you bring your jewelry to Diamond Buyers, there is no charge or obligation for an evaluation and offer.

“Our job at Diamond Buyers is to help you determine how you can convert your unwanted jewelry into as much cash as possible!”

-Mike Menser

With Diamond Banc, you can receive up to $500,000 within 24 hours of filling out our easy online quote form.

Contact Diamond Buyers in Ketchum

  • Diamond Buyers is located at 411 N. Leadville Ave. Ketchum, ID
  • Diamond Buyers is open by appointment only
  • For an appointment, contact Diamond Buyers at 1-208-450-9014 or


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