Get a Jewelry Equity Loan in Colorado

When you need cash quickly, you probably already know that a traditional bank loan won’t meet your requirements. For a fast loan without credit checks or tons of paperwork, consider getting a jewelry equity loan in Colorado.

As payday and online lenders are growing in popularity, use the assets you already have instead of risking your credit score for a loan. You can get a jewelry equity loan in Colorado using jewelry, watches, and gold you no longer wear. Even pieces that are out of style can be used for an equity loan at Diamond Banc. Here’s how the process works:

How to get a jewelry equity loan in Colorado:

1. Identify the pieces you want to use

Diamond Banc accepts fine jewelry, designer jewelry, luxury watches and silver and gold for jewelry-equity loans. The amount of the loan you’ll receive is determined by the value of your jewelry.

Pieces that are in fashion or from a designer label may garner a bigger loan because they’re more in demand. But even a piece that is out of style can be used for a major loan based on the value of the materials alone.

Pieces that hold their value over time, like Rolex watches, will lead to an even larger loan. Minor imperfections like scratches or loose prongs won’t affect the value of your loan.

Follow these tips to get a bigger jewelry equity loan in Colorado.

Designer jewelry can be used for a loan at Diamond Banc. Including original paperwork and certification can increase your loan value.

2. Tell us About Your Piece

Once you decide to get a loan, tell Diamond Banc about your pieces. You can visit one of our national locations, or fill out our easy online form with a description of your pieces. You’ll get a quote for your item the same day.

In Colorado, the nearest Diamond Banc locations are in Ketchum, Idaho and Kansas City, Missouri.

But if you don’t have a trip planned soon, don’t worry — Diamond Banc operates nationally through secure shipping with Jewelers Mutual and Brinks. We’ll even travel to you if you’re loan values $100,000 or more!

3. Bring in your item and get up to $500,000 in 24 hours

Once you’ve gotten a quote from Diamond Banc and decided to accept it, mail or bring in your pieces.

If you’re not close to a Diamond Banc location, we’ll send you a fully-insured, pre-paid shipping label through Jewelers Mutual and Brinks. As soon as we receive your items, you can get up to $500,000 in 24 hours or less!

Here’s a review — getting a jewelry equity loan takes just three easy steps!

It takes just three simple steps to get a jewelry equity loan in Colorado using your jewelry. For more information, contact Diamond Banc today!