The Diamond Calculator

 The Diamond Calculator

Need to find out how much your diamond is really worth? We’ve got you covered with our official Diamond calculator. This calculator is a great tool for discovering how much your diamonds are worth. At Diamond Banc, we evaluate diamonds based on current market prices.


When to use the Diamond Calculator

If you are getting ready to sell your diamonds or would like to use them as collateral for an asset-based loan, this tool will prepare you by giving you an estimate. It will show you the estimated retail and wholesale prices as well as what you could expect to receive from Diamond Banc. The calculator also provides an estimate if you are interested in using your diamond as collateral for a loan. Our calculator is very convenient and quick. It saves you a trip to the jewelry store and is always accessible.

What You Need

We like to keep things simple. To get the most accurate quote you need to include as much information as possible, but the process is easy. By knowing the color, clarity, cut, carat weight, and shape, we at Diamond Banc can give you the most accurate results. If you do not have all the needed information it will still give you an estimate.

Diamond Banc Calculator Examples

Getting an estimate is easier than ever with this device. Below are a few examples of calculations

Color  G
Clarity  VVS1
Cut  Very Good
Carat Weight  2.0
Shape  Round
Estimate  Loan- $13,392-$17,600

Sale- $14,422-$18,954


Color  L
Clarity  VS1
Cut Good
Carat Weight  3.0
Shape  Emerald
Estimate  Loan- $7,720-$10,731

Sale- $8,313-$11,556

If you want to get fast estimates our Diamond Banc calculator is available for you on our website! You can also visit a Diamond Banc location for an in-person appraisal.