Diamond Banc Donates to the Community

Teaming up with Kansas City Pet Project, Diamond Banc donates to the community by giving 5% of their profits to the animal shelter.  Diamond Banc is a national luxury brand buying diamonds, designer jewelry and high-end watches. Diamond Banc of Kansas City is located within the Country Club Plaza.

Our staff are experts in explaining the realities of estate jewelry markets and an item’s true liquid value. Which is a valuable service for individuals in the Kansas City area because they now have trustworthy experts in a familiar location to sell jewelry.  Diamond Banc establishes relationships with diamond dealers and jewelry manufacturers enabling us to offer the best price for your goods. And submersing ourselves in the Kansas City jewelry market every day allows us to offer the most generous purchase amounts.  And now we are excited to support the second largest no kill shelter in Kansas City, to help those who cannot speak for themselves.

Why Diamond Banc donates to KC Pet Project

KC Pet Project is a nonprofit organization operating the Kansas City, Missouri, Animal Shelter.  Over 10,000 animals a year come through the doors of KC Pet Project.  And it has one main mission, to end the killing of healthy and treatable pets in Kansas City.  They team up with Animal Control and various other animal organizations to increase homeless pet adoptions and proper education of pet ownership throughout the community.  Kansas City Pet Project has announced an innovated campaign to help fund the cost of building a larger, more usable and productive animal shelter.  Diamond Banc is excited to be a part of this campaign impacting the four-legged citizens of Kansas City.

The managing director of the Kansas City Diamond Banc, Sicily, is a volunteer at KC Pet Project.  Sicily has been volunteering for KC Pet Project for several years.  She is an active kitten foster and even has a dedicated “kitten room” in her house.  She has five rescue animals of her own.  Diamond Banc was excited to support a local organization that is a big part of their employee’s life.  Diamond Banc was able to donate $1,750 to the shelter!!

One of Sicily’s recently adopted kittens, Sterling.


How to sell your jewelry to Diamond Banc?

It is easy!  Diamond Banc prides itself in offering the best possible customer service to make the process simple and quick.  The buy experts will explain all factors that go into the buy offer and allow you to make the decision.  There is no pressure or “offer is only good for today” tactics.  To get started, you can fill out a simple form on our website, call the local Kansas City office at 816-977-2677 or email the head buyer and managing director, Sicily Von Blakey, at sicily@diamond-banc.com .  Diamond Banc will continue to support the local community and offer the best customer service.  Diamond Banc encourages you to check out our Google Reviews, which speak the loudest to our company’s character.

Sicily’s current foster kittens, Charlie, Dee and Mac