“Who Buys Omega Watches in Kansas City?”

Do you have an Omega watch? Do you wear it often or does it collect dust in your drawer? Diamond Banc buys Omega watches in the Kansas City area.

Sell Your Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean to Diamond Banc in Kansas City

Omega is one of the top tiers of well known, fine Swiss timepiece manufacturers. The craftsmanship, style, collectability and world-wide recognition lend well to its resell value. Like any other luxury item, a significant portion of the price of a fine Swiss timepiece when originally purchased is time, labor, designer premium and retail mark-up. Although you will not receive back what you paid for the Omega, you can still retain more of its value than other watch brands.

Once a fine Swiss timepiece is purchased from a dealer, it is pre-owned. Much like a new car, once it is driven off the lot, it is used. You may have only worn it/driven it once. Fortunately, there is a large market for pre-owned Omega watches. Many end consumers want to purchase a pre-owned Omega in order to have a quality watch without paying the retail premium. When a client wants to purchase a pre-owned timepiece, such as an Omega, they expect a large discount off the retail price.

Keeping the box and paperwork on your Omega watch increases the value pre-owned.

How Much Will I Get For My Omega?

Our buy prices are solely dictated by the market’s demand and current trends in pre-owned Omega prices. When we purchase a pre-owned watch, we have to complete the below steps in order to successfully resell the watch to an end consumer. These steps can become time consuming for an individual who does not have the infrastructure to do so themselves.

  • Clean and service the timepiece, providing the next owner with the peace of mind of a 1 year warranty on a pre-owned watch
  • Refinish the watch to like-new condition
  • Supply any new parts, new band or links that may be missing or damaged
  • Prove the watch’s authenticity to the end consumer with either the original box and papers or having a certified watchmaker authenticate the movement
  • Take professional photographs of the watch for online listing
  • Online sales staff to provide thorough and lengthy listings of items online
  • Answer endless online questions from potential buyers
  • Ship and insure the watch to the buyer, which alone can add up to a couple hundred dollars

As you can see, selling a pre-owned watch successfully can prove to be more time consuming than it may appear.

Light wear and tear is normal for a pre-owned Omega. In order to re-sell it, we must pay a watchmaker to refinish it to like new condition.

Unmatched Customer Service

We pride ourselves in offering the best possible customer service. Our professional buying team will thoroughly explain the factors that go into the buy offer, not just pulling a number “out of thin air”. Once we discuss the offer for your pieces, there is absolutely no pressure or “offer is only good for today” tactics. We want you to have the tools to make the best decision for your individual situation. Many times, that means thinking about it. We’re happy to keep your contact information and allow you time to do additional research or receive additional bids.

Please, we encourage you check out our Google Reviews from previous clients. Previous client’s experiences speak loudest to a company’s character.

Professional photographs assist in the resale value of a pre-owned watch. Most cell phones cannot take good enough images for the online sale of a fine Swiss timepiece.

The Process

Diamond Banc has a simple, three-step process sell your Omega watch. You can fill out our simple SELL form on our website. Or call our local office and speak with me, Sicily Von Blakey, to set up an appointment.  Our conveniently located private office is on the Country Club Plaza. The process generally only takes 15 minutes, and funds are available immediately.

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