Borrow money in Houston with your jewelry

Instead of pawning off your possessions or going through the paperwork of a bank loan, borrow money in Houston using your jewelry. Diamond Banc is a resource many Texans use daily to borrow money in Houston. Use our online submission form to get started, or come into one of our six locations nation-wide.

Diamond Banc loans around $1,000 for this Cartier Love necklace.

Why clients borrow money in Houston

Asset-based loans are the easy, hassle-free cash option in areas with increased growth and development. Our Houston clients shun outdated bank loans, and liquefy their assets for easy cash flow instead. Which is why Diamond Banc is so popular in the Houston area.

When clients borrow money in Houston they frequently tell us there is a void in the market for asset-based loans. For this reason, Houston is one of Diamond Banc’s focus areas. Because our knowledge and expertise we fund loans and purchases from $1,000 to $500,000 in as few as 24 hours.

Diamond Banc loans against and purchases Art Deco jewelry, like this bracelet.

How we offer top dollar for your jewelry

Diamond Banc’s sister company, Buchroeders Jewelers, is one of many reasons we offer the best price for your luxury assets. Buchroeders is a retail jeweler established over 120 years ago, and brings experience and a network of avenues to liquidate high-end jewelry. This allows Diamond Banc to offer unmatched lending and purchasing power.

Diamond Banc gives clients access to their jewelry’s liquid value throughout their ownership. Yes, you read that correctly, borrowers retain ownership of their jewelry, even when it is collateral. Our goal is the same as yours when you borrow money in Houston: we give you money to take advantage of your opportunities and give your jewelry back when you’re ready.

Diamond Banc frequently buys loose diamonds.

Unlike payday and bank loans, the risk factor is much lower for an asset-based loan. We do not report to credit bureaus, so if you do not choose to redeem your jewelry, your credit score is unaffected. Nor do we perform work or income history reports, or any of the grueling paperwork required for traditional loans.

Ready to borrow money in Houston?

Diamond Banc is an expansive company, with locations around the nation and the majority of client communication being done online. It is very efficient for our clients to borrow money in Houston by starting with our online form. Once we complete an initial evaluation, we ship your jewelry fully-insured via Brinks, and open the packaging under video recording for your peace of mind. Then, we make a final evaluation, loan agreement, and we put money directly into your bank account.

Obviously, with such valuable assets used for collateral, some clients wish to visit the Diamond Banc headquarters in Columbia, Missouri, where their jewelry will be secured. At Diamond Banc, we welcome any and all clients to visit our state-of-the-art facility. Or, if your loan amount totals over $100,000, Diamond Banc’s Founder and/or Vice President travel to you for an evaluation.

Start the process to borrow money in Houston today by filling out our simple online loan form. Or, visit one of our locations listed below.

Atlanta, GA
Charlotte, NC
Kansas City, MO
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Columbia, MO

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