Accept Diamonds as Payment

Do you work in a career that requires you to think outside of the box? Diamond Banc is here to assist with unlocking the liquidity in your client’s jewelry assets. Many clients work around their financial binds by selling their unworn diamond jewelry, designer pieces and fine Swiss timepieces. Don’t be limited in receiving your payments from clients by their cash flow situation.

Your client can pay you using their diamond jewelry.

Accept Diamonds as Payment!

Diamond Banc has assisted individuals who want to capitalize on the jewelry assets they have sitting around. Taking it a step further, Diamond Banc has helped many professions with financial obstacles presented by their clients. We have worked with local Kansas City realtors, car dealers and lawyers. For example, we have a prominent realtor who accepts diamonds/Rolex watches as payment in lieu of a commission on a client’s house selling. Diamond Banc in Kansas City offers a free evaluation of these jewelry items to ensure the realtor is offering the correct value in “trade”. The realtor then sells Diamond Banc the jewelry items, unless his wife happens to love the piece. We’ve had lawyers and car dealers accept Rolex watches as down payments or service fees due.  When you think outside of your bank, the possibilities are limitless.

Diamond Banc will authenticate these items at no charge! Open up your ability to collect on fees due by accepting more forms of payment.

Why Sell to the Jewelry Buying Experts?

Diamond Banc’s buyers take every value-adding factor into consideration when evaluating your pieces. Not only will we consider the basic criteria all buyers look for, but we also pay premium prices for designer jewelry. Our vast network of online selling venues, estate dealers and retailers nationwide, allows us to sell your pre-owned jewelry at the best fitting location. We do not rely on one local retail location to resell your items. This is the case with many local buyers and it limits the potential audience to successfully sell your item. We also have the ability to purchase single items up to entire estates, with no funding delays.

Please, we encourage you to check out our Google Reviews from previous clients. Previous client experiences speak loudest to a company’s character.

One thrilled client shared this experience when selling used jewelry to Diamond Banc in Kansas City:

“My sister and I inherited my family’s jewelry and it was a very overwhelming task to check the value of it all. Sicily was so kind and patient with us and took ample time to look at each piece and let us know of its value and gave us information regarding the pieces. She was truly a great value to us as a family and we will continue to use her expertise in the future. Thank you so much!”

 The Process

Diamond Banc makes the process of selling your jewelry items simple. You can fill out our simple SELL form on our website. Or call our local office and speak with me, Sicily Von Blakey, to set up an appointment.  Our conveniently located private office is on the Country Club Plaza. The process generally only takes 15 minutes, and funds are available immediately.